Writing the Body – What to Write

As previously mentioned, the body of Sharebait is composed of sections of supporting ideas. Each section is part of the body of the content and should adhere to the following guidelines.

Writing Paragraphs

  • Paragraphs should be less than 100 words each.

Writing Bulleted Lists

  • Introduce a bulleted list with a sentence or short paragraph.
  • Include 3-10 items in a bulleted list.
  • Items in a list may be short phrases or complete sentences.
  • Write no more than two sentences for each item in a list.
    • If there are three or more sentences, separate the items by subheadings instead.
  • Use numbers instead of bullets when relevant (countdown, steps, etc.).
  • Use bold, introductory phrases whenever possible.
    • Examples include:
    • CopyPress – Content Production Company
    • CopyPress is a Content Production Company.


General Rules on Writing

    • Make the content interesting to all readers – even those who would not normally care about the industry.
    • Get the most out of a topic – don’t stop on the surface.
    • Avoid common knowledge – give the reader something they don’t already know.
    • Offer valuable information – facts, useful tips, anecdotes, concrete examples.
    • Do not pad content with filler content – get to the point as quickly as possible.
      • Don’t make the reader sort through three sentences to the get one point that could have been covered in one sentence.
    • Don’t repeat information – don’t give readers the same information multiple times in different places throughout the article.
    • Be credible – don’t over exaggerate or provide information if you are not completely sure of its accuracy.

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